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Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous is extracted from molasses or beets.Which has unique molecular structure with 3 methyl groups and the function to mediate the osmotic pressure of organisms. Betaine Anhydrous is widely used for animal feed,aquatic feed,fermentation,cosmetics and agriculture industry.
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Betaine Anhydrous is widely used for animal feed,aquatic feed,fermentation,cosmetics and agriculture industry.

Uniqueness of molecular structure of Betaine:

Betaine has two important functions in animal nutrition as an osmolyte and as a methyl donor via transmethylation.

osmolyte properties from dipolar structure

Betaine helps spare valuable metabolic energy in the animal.

Osmolytes help maintain cellular fluid balance by interacting with water molecules. As a highly efficient osmolyte, betaine accumulates in cells protecting them from osmotic stress and dehydration by maintaining their water and ion balance. Normal cell functions are consequently maintained during periods of osmotic stress. Maintaining water balance in cells is an energy consuming process. Thus betaine spares valuable metabolic energy in the animal.

channel H2O channel Osmosensor Solute transporter or Msc

Betaine supports as a methyl donor via transmethylation.

Betaine is rich in methyl and could provide methyl for many basic biological functions, such as synthesis of creatine, carnitine, DNA and RNA, muscle's growth, immune cellular function and so on.

Methyl group metabolism:


Animal Feed Industry:

1.Betaine can supply methyl,which is necessary for the synthesis of some amino acid and glands in the process of animal metabolism
Choline chloride and methionine are important sources of methyl in animals.Betaine can replace choline chloride and reduce the damage of choline to vitamins.At the same time,reduce the consumption of methionine to reduce feed cost (methionine is the first restricted amino acid in poultry batch)
2.Betaine can promote fat metabolism,inhibit fatty liver,improve meat quality and increase meat yield.
3.The anti stress effect of betaine can reduce the stress response of animals and increase feed intake and growth rate.
4.Betaine is a natural organic cell permeation mediator.Betaine has a certain inhibitory effect on coccidia and can enhance the efficacy of anti coccidia drugs.
5.Betaine has a good food inducing effect.


Aquatic feed industry :
1.Betaine has unique sweetness and sensitive freshness taste of fish and shrimp
2.Betaine combined with various amino acids can significantly improve the sensitivity     of fish to amino acids,promote the utilization of amino acids,improve the conversation rate of plant protein and reduce the feed cost.
3.As a osmotic regulator,betaine is conducive to fish resisting water changes and crustacean shell fading to adapt to the environment.
4.For shrimp,protect intestinal function,reduce fatty liver and increase feed intake.
5.For crabs,repair the damaged hepatopancreas, eliminate toxins and relieve the pressure of hepatopancreas.


Agriculture Industry:
1.Resist abiotic stress and effectively resist the adversity encountered by plants,such as drought,low temperature,high temperature,freezing,
Salinity,low PH,disease,malnutrition.
2.Betaine,as osmotic mediator,can effectively alleviate the effect of salinity and drought on crops,so as to improve the production capacity of crops.
3.Betaine can effectively promote the synthesis of chlorophyll and some sugars,with good fruit coloring and high sugar content.
4.Betaine can effectively improve root life cycle,stimulate root nutrient absorption and promote biological growth and metabolism.
5.Betaine can improve soil,improve fertility,promote growth,increase yield and maintain water.


Fermentation Industry:
1.It is a highly efficient osmoprotectant,it can earlier enter into cell and maintain water balance in cells to anti-dehydration and spare energy.
2.It is an effective methyl donor for fermentation.
3.It is a metabolic regulator
Betaine can be widely used in the fermentation industry of amino acids,antibiotics,vitamin B2,B12,L-carnitine and other fermented products.


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