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Production Process of CSL powder

Corn steep liquor powder is a yellow to yellowish brown water-soluble fine powder made from spray dried Corn steep liquor. Corn steep liquor is a concentrated liquid extracted from the water used in the initial stages of the corn wet grinding process. Using fresh Corn steep liquor as raw material, the Corn steep liquor powder was obtained by instantaneous heating at low temperature and spray drying. This way the water-soluble proteins are well preserved and the product retains all its properties. Because the heating method is steam heating, so the product without impurities and coking phenomenon. Corn steep liquor powder color is yellow or brown, it has a unique taste, no mildew and other odor. 

Composition and function of Corn Steep Liquor Powder

Corn Steep Liquor Powder can be used as part of a nutrient management program in conventional and organic production operations in order to give plants nutritional support and improve the problem of plant malnutrition. It can also be used as one of the basic raw materials and mixed with other products.Such as amino acid powder,humic acid powder,seaweed extracts , etc.

Why is Corn Steep Liquor & Powder used as fermentation medium?

The most important microbial application of Corn Steep Liquor & Powder was discovered by Moyer and Coghill, who noted that the addition of Corn Steeping Water to a modified Czapek-Dox mineral salt solution greatly increased penicillin production.

The most popular plant protein : Corn Steep Liquor and Powder

Corn Steep Liquor Powder / Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor (liquid) Rich in Soluble plant Protein, Mainly in the form of Free Amino Acids and Active Peptides. Beneficial for Plants, Animals and Microorganisms to absorb and utilize Directly.

3 uses of corn steep liquor powder

Corn steep liquor powder is widely used in Organic Fertilizer/ Feed/ Fermentation We successfully exported to 34 countries around the world.

What is the effect of Corn Steep Liquor and Powder on C/N ratio in organic farming?

Carbon to Nitrogen ratio (C:N) is a ratio of the mass of carbon to the mass of nitrogen in a substance.Soil organic carbon (SOC), total nitrogen (TN), and their ratio (C:N) play important roles in keeping and improving soil fertility soil fertility, and their values are closely related to Corn Steep Liquor and Powder fertilizer use.

Is liquid fertilizer better than granular?

Although liquid and granular fertilizers may deliver the same nutrients, there are some significant differences between the two types of fertilizers.


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