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Customized Fertilizer

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Juci Group can supply customized service to create premium blended solid and liquid organic fertilizer,biofertilizer,organic fertilizer.

Advantage :

1.Totally water soluble fertilizer 

2.Abundant organic matter and natural nutrients which can improve soil fertility and enhance the  ability of soil

3.Designed NPK,mineral humic acid and other nutrients according to clients' requirement.

Main method is to utilize our plant based natural fertilizer--Corn Steep Liquor Powder as basic material to blend with other nutrients to formulate blended formulations

1. ①"Corn steep liquor powder + nitrogen(N) + phosphorus(P) + potassium(K)"

Support abundant root formation, leaf preservation, seed promotion, fruit promotion

②"Corn steep liquor powder + boron(B)"

It is conducive to the preservation of flowers and fruits of plants, and it is also a great help in the later stage of fruit expansion, coloring and sweetening to prevent fruit cracking.

③"Corn steep liquor powder +adjuvant

Promote plant growth and improve quality

2. Corn steep liquor powder + biostimulant

Corn steep liquor powder + humic acid(mineral potassium fulvic acid),amino acid powder ,sea kelp extract and others.

①Decreased Toxins  

②Increased Water Retention

③Improved Microbial Growth

④Better Overall Soil Structure

⑤Increased Nutrient Uptake

⑥Activators of phytohormones and growth substances

⑦Against insects and disease,greater yield, more robust

3. Corn steep liquor powder + beneficial bacterias

for example:

①Bacillus subtilis: increase crop stress resistance and nitrogen fixation

②Bacillus megaterium: Phosphorus solubilizing (phosphorus bacteria), has a good effect of degrading organic phosphorus in the soil.

③Jelly-like Bacillus: degrade potassium and release soluble phosphorus and other trace elements.

④Bacillus licheniformis: Resistant to disease and kills harmful bacteria.

⑤Trichoderma harzianum: It grows around the plant root and forms a "protective cover" to prevent the infection of root pathogenic fungi. 

More than three kinds of complex bacteria promote and complement each other, and the effect of disease resistance is far greater than that of a single bacterial species.

4. Professional formulators can help formulate different fertilizer according to your requirement.


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