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Corn steep liquor powder: excellent organic soil amendment

Soil amendments, also known as soil conditioners, soil activators, etc., the principle of the effect of soil amendments is to bind many small soil particles to form large, stable aggregates. According to the source of raw materials, soil amendments can be divided into natural amendments, synthetic amendments, natural copolymer amendments and biological amendments. Corn steep liquor powder is one of the natural improvers.

Pure natural plant source organic fertilizer; A good partner in organic produce production

The corn steep liquor powder produced by Shandong Juci meets the requirements of NOP and EU organic production regulations for organic fertilizers. First of all, corn steep liquor powder is 100% plant-derived organic fertilizer, pure natural and without any additives. It is completely made from the soaking solution of non-GMO corn after drying, without adding artificial substances. It meets the requirements of organic agriculture for fertilizer, and organic agricultural producers can use it with confidence.

Corn steep liquor powder —— Excellent organic fertilizer with nitrogen supplement

Corn steep liquor powder is made of non-transgenic corn and contains 7% N, 7% P, 7% K, 35% total amino acids and 10.9% free amino acids. The N element in Corn steep liquor powder exists in free amino acids and small peptides that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants. Accelerate crop protein synthesis. Corn steep liquor powder can be used as a raw material of organic fertilizer and mixed with other organic fertilizers to provide long-term nutrients including N for crops. Long-term use will not only promote crop growth and increase crop yield, but also improve soil health and comprehensive fertility through microbial activities and the utilization of other nutrients.

Application of corn steep liquor powder to antibiotics

Corn steep liquor powder is a pure corn extract, containing 7% organic nitrogen, 35% amino acids, 43% protein and some growth factors required by microorganisms, such as riboflavin, vitamins and so on. Because of the rich nutrition in Corn steep liquor powder, it is often used as an organic nitrogen source in fermentation, especially when it is used as a fermentation preparation of antibiotics, which not only has a good effect but also can save a lot of fermentation costs.

Corn Steep Liquor Powder: a high-quality choice to save the cost of fermentation raw materials

Why save fermentation raw material cost? In the production of fermented products, the cost of raw materials is a large proportion of the total cost of fermentation, so the selection of cheap and high-quality raw materials can greatly save fermentation costs and improve corporate profits.

Corn steep liquor powder: excellent raw material for fermentation fertilizer

Fermented organic fertilizer is generally made of plant raw materials (plant straw powder, wheat bran, rice bran, soybean residue, etc.) and animal raw materials (livestock manure, etc.) through grinding, mixing with water, fermentation, drying and other aspects of fermentation organic fertilizer, which is a high-quality organic fertilizer with high cost performance. Corn steep liquor powder contains 35% amino acids, NPK 7:6:6, carbon nitrogen ratio 5:1, can be used as an excellent fermentation fertilizer raw material.

Corn steep liquor powder - an excellent choice for improving soil fertility

The more chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, the more the soil will become old and hardened, the more the soil pH will be aggravated, the soil health will be seriously damaged, and the incidence of crop diseases and pests will be higher and higher, which directly leads to the decline of economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the soil structure and improve the soil health. Corn steep liquor powder (CSL powder) is a kind of water-soluble organic fertilizer powder, It contains organic NPK 7-6-6, amino acids and active peptides 35%, Having OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certification is an excellent choice that you can safely use in agriculture.

Synergistic effect of Corn Steep Liquor Powder and other organic fertilizers

There are a variety of biostimulants on the market, such as humic acid, fish protein, amino acids, seaweed extracts, etc. They can be used as nutrient supplements, rooting or strengthening roots, improving soil properties, regulating plant growth, improving plant cold resistance, drought resistance, etc., and play the role of biological stimulants, but their own nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium content is low. It is often mixed with Corn Steep Liquor Powder to promote each other, improve yield and efficiency, this article mainly introduces four biostimulants.


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