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Effects Of Amino Acids On Crops

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(Summary description)Corn steep liquor powder is a qualified plant-based raw material with 43% of protein mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids.

Effects Of Amino Acids On Crops

(Summary description)Corn steep liquor powder is a qualified plant-based raw material with 43% of protein mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids.

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Effects Of Amino Acids On Crops

 Corn steep liquor powder is a water-soluble organic fertilizer raw material powder that derived from non-GMO corn, by product of corn wet milling process. It is a non - adhesion, non - caking, very fine yellow powder,which OMRI listed and Ecocert approved. Corn steep liquor powder is a qualified plant-based raw material with 43% of protein mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids.

Below is a summary of the main effects of amino acids in plants:

1.protein composition

Amino acids allows to directly provide plants with the basic raw materials for protein development. Amino acids are easily absorbed, as the plant recognizes them as substances of the cell metabolism,under optimal conditions and adequate potassium levels, free amino acids are quickly turned into proteins. The plant does not need to perform the different biochemical transformations of inorganic nitrogen to amino acids, thus saving plant the additional energy expense involved in the synthesis of amino acids.

2.Effect of Photosynthesis

Plants synthesize carbohydrates by photosynthesis, Low photosynthesis rate implies a slow growth leading to death of the plant, chlorophyll is the responsible molecule for the absorption of the light energy.Glycine and Glutamic Acid are fundamental metabolites in the process of formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis.These Amino Acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis. This makes crops lush Green.

3.Action on the Stomas

Stomas are the cellular structures that control the hydric balance of the plant, the macro and micronutrient absorption and the absorption of gases.The opening of the stomas is controlled by both external factors (light, humidity, temperature and salt concentration) and internal factors (amino acids concentration, abcisic acid etc.)The Stomas are closed when light and humidity are low & temperature and salt concentration are high, when stomas are closed photosynthesis and transpiration are reduced (low absorption of macro & micronutrients) and respiration is increased (Carbohydrate destruction)In this case the metabolic balance of the plant is negative. Catabolism is higher than anabolism. This implies slow metabolism and stops the plant growth.

glutamic acid acts as a cytoplasm osmotic agent of the “guard cells”. Thus favouring the opening of the stomas.

4.Stress Resistance

Stress such as Frost, High temperature, Low humidity, Hailstorm,Pest attack, Floods have a negative effect on plant metabolism with a corresponding reduction in crop quality and quantity.

The application of Amino Acids before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with Amino Acids (such as leucine, lysine, tryptophan, histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, glycine, etc) which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect.

5.Chelating Effect

Amino Acids have a chelating effect on micronutrients. When applied together with micronutrients, the absorption and transportation of micronutrients inside the plant is easier.

This effect is due to the chelating action and to the effect of cell membrane permiability.

L - Glycine & L - Glutamic Acid are known to be very effective chelating agents.

6.Amino Acids & PhytohOrmones

Amino Acids are precursors or activators of phytohormones and growth substances.

L - Methionine is precursor of ethylene and of growth factors such as Espermine and Espermidine, which are synsthesized from 5 - Adenosyl Methionine.It affects the ripening of the fruit.

L - Tryptophan is precursor for Auxin synthesis. L - Tryptophan is used in plants in L - Form only. L - Tryptophan is available only if hydrolysis of Protein is carried out by enzyme.

L - Arginine induces synthesis of flower and fruit related hormones.

7.Pollination and Fruit formation

Pollination is the transport of pollen to the pistil, so fecundation and formation of the fruit is possible.

L - Proline helps in fertility of Pollen. L - Lysine, L - Methionine, L - Glutamic Acid are essential amino acids for pollination.

These amino acids increase the pollen germination and the length of the pollinic tube.


Therefore,Corn steep liquor powder is the ideal contender for organic fertilizer material.

On the one hand, it works well,and the price of Corn steep liquor powder is much lower than other organic fertilizers.The obstacle of organic fertilizer has always been the contradiction between cost and effect. The emergence of Corn Steep Liquor Powder completely subverted the organic fertilizer industry. Its perfect effect and competitive cost surprised many fertilizer producers and farm growers.

On the other hand, Corn steep liquor powder is a new alternative to traditional liquid CSL. Different from the traditional processing technology, its a low-temperature spray-dried powder solid, therefore,the finished product has no coking phenomenon, and the active ingredients is well preserved.For both buyers and sellers it is easy to transport,store and use,meanwhile,it is not easy to deteriorate under dry conditions,and composition of Corn steep liquor powder is stable and uniform.


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