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Fish Feed Pellets: To Sink or to Float?

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(Summary description)Fish Feed Pellets

Fish Feed Pellets: To Sink or to Float?

(Summary description)Fish Feed Pellets

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Commercial fish diets can be classified into floating (extruded) or traditional sinking (pressure-pelleted) pellets. Both floating and sinking feed can produce satisfactory growth, but some fish species prefer floating, others sinking. Now that, which is better type of fish feed pellets? To sink or to float? That is a question. Neither can be considered absolutely superior compared to the other and your choice of whether to use floating or sinking pellets mainly depends on which type of fish species that you have.


There are both pros and cons both in the two types of pellets. However the use of floating pellets provides more advantages compared to sinking ones.

1. Feed Utilization: 

Due to the physical and chemical changes in the extruded process, the extruded feed generally produces powder within 1%, which directly improves the effective use of feed. Under normal circumstances, the use of extruded floating feed to raise fish can save 5-10% of feed compared with powdered feed or other pellet feed.

Sinking pellets that remain at the bottom of the fish pond will often get lost and wasted. However, the floating feed pellets can retain its shape, even after being in the water for many hours, uneaten feed are still intact.

2.Digestion & absorption:

Due to the high temperature and high-pressure processing conditions, the starch in the feed is well matured which is more favorable to digestion and absorption, and the fiber structure and cell wall are destroyed and softened, thereby improving the palatability and digestibility of the feed.

3. Decrease Disease:

Sinking pellets that remain at the bottom of the tank will eventually rot, which may give rise to proliferation of bacteria and spreading of harmful fish disease.The extruded floating fish feed will not dissolve in the water for a long time. The floating time of high-quality floating fish feed can be as long as 12 hours, and it is easy to observe and control the bait, reducing or avoiding the influence of powder and residual bait on the water and the health of the fish


4.The observation regarding fish growth, feed requirement & feed intake habits:

Since the extruded floating fish feed can float on the water for a long time, the feeding situation of the fish can be observed well after the feeding, and it is convenient to adjust the feeding amount according to the requirement of the fish; at the same time, it can be more accurately- according to the changes of the fish feeding amount and understand the growth &  health status of the fish feeding on the surface.


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