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Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor(liquid)

Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor (liquid,39%-62% dry matter) is a 100% water-soluble,highly concentrated liquid fertilizer material derived from non-GMO corn.It contains Organic NPK 4-4-3.5,Amino Acid 21%,organic mater 36%,vitamins,minerals. Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor is widely used in the industry of organic fertilizer because it is much easier to handle,that can be applied directly, or it can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers, growth promoters (seaweed).Its liquid state and good water solubility make it easier to apply foliar or drip irrigation.
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Product Parameters:

Test items Units Test result(s)
Color & Appearance / Brown liquid
Protein % 27.55%
Nitrogen % 4
Phosphorus % 4
potassium % 3.5
Moisture % 40
PH / 4.5
Ash % 10.05


Product Features:
1. Non-GMO Corn Extract, Kosher certificated, Halal certificated, natural plant source organic nutrients for crops, vegetables, and fruits.
2. Nitrogen in form of peptides and free amino acids which is ready available for plant.
3. 100% water soluble,liquid form no any sediment,much easier to handle,excellent suspention state,shelf life 2 years.
4. Excellent organic input to blend with other ingredients, for example, humic acid, amino acid powder, sea kelp extract.
5. Competitive cost and high return on investment.
6. Much cheaper than similar ingredients.

product efficacy:
1. provide the nutrients needed for crop growth, help to build root system,enhance nutrient uptake and promote the natural growth of plants with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
2. Improve the structure and fertility of the soil, promote the activities of microorganisms and soil organisms, and contribute to higher yield and quality.
3. Suitable for most plants. Field trials from clients have proved that it is extremely suitable for tomatoes,strawberry,blueberry,cherry,citrus orchards,table grapes,avocado orchards, lemon,cucumber,melons,Palm Oil Trees, field beans,peas,onion,corn,wheal and others.

1. Used as stand alone water soluble organic fertilizer for foliar and irrigation application.
   Foliar:5L--10ml /L water 0.4L--4L/ha
   Via Irrigation :5-100L/ha.
2. Use Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor as carrier for microbes.
3. Used as one organic input blend with humic acid,sea kelp extract,amino acid powder or other ingredients.

Production Process:
Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor is derived from non-GMO corn, by product of corn wet milling process.Finally, we have the concentrated corn steep liquor which contains 60% dry matter,and because of its highly concentrated liquid form, it is easy to transport, store and use.

Market distribution:
The United States, Mexico and other North American regions; Spain and other European regions; South America; Australia, South Africa, the Middle East.


More information:
If you are interested in Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor (39%-62%dry matter), welcome to send a message to us.

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Highly Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor
Corn Steep Liquor
corn steep
Corn steeping water
steeping of corn
liquid corn extract
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As the leading company in the development of Organic Corn steep liquor powder (JUCI-CSP),  JUCI GROUP never stop trials to improve quality and performance of it.  We are always confident to supply the world best CSL powder.   And Beyond that, JUCI GROUP devotes itself to developing more nature based materials into the Organic Agricultural,  such as Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor,Amino Acid Powder etc. If you are looking for new organic materials,  Please come to us! 

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    In 2015,established factory”JuCi Corn Biotech”

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