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Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder

Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder is a water-soluble organic powder that derived from non-GMO corn, by product of corn wet milling process. It is a non - adhesion, non - caking, very fine yellow powder, which OMRI listed. Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder contains protein 43%,Organic NPK 7-7-7,Amino Acid and active peptides 35%,trace elements and other growth promoting factors.Juci Biotech Corn Steep Liquor Powder is widely used in the industry of organic fertilizer, Biological stimulants, feed additives, and fermentation.
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Product Parameters:

Items Unit Test Result
Soluble Protein % 43
Total Amino Acid % 35
Free Amino Acid % 10.9
Nitrogen % 7
P2O5 % 7
K20 % 7
Total organic carbon % 34
Carbon nitrogen ratio C/N   5:1
Lactic Acid % 22.8
Water Solubility % 100
Moisture % 8
PH   4.5
Cu Mg/kg 5.5
Zn Mg/kg 173
Fe ppm 443
Mg % 1.13
Ca % 0.15
S % 0.59





Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder uesd as fertilizer materials:

1. Corn Steep Liquor Powder contains Organic NPK 7-7-7,protein 43%,Amino Acid and active peptides 35%,Organic matter 60%,Carbohydrate 31%,Trace elements and other growth promoting factors.
2. Corn Steep Liquor Powder is 100% water-soluble,non-GMO natural corn extract,OMRI listed.
3. Used as stand alone water soluble organic fertilizer for foliar and irrigation application
   Used as one organic input blend with humic acid,sea kelp extract,amino acid powder or other ingredients.
4. Promote root development,enhance nutrient uptake,improve structure and fertility of soil, promote activities of microorganisms,increase yield,Cost Efficient and Higher Return
5. CSL powder is perfect partner with seaweed,humic acid,amino acid powder. Export more than 20000MTS to United States/North America such as Mexico/ Europe such as Spain/South America/Australia/South Africa/the Middle East.



Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder uesd as organic nitrogen source for fermentation:
1. Provide organic nitrogen sources (CSL contains water-soluble plant protein 43%),organic soluble phosphorus readily available to microorganisms, vitamins and organic growth factors,inorganic trace elements.
2. Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is widely used in antibiotic industry, vitamin (VC, VB2, etc.), amino acid (monosodium glutamate, lysine, phenylalanine, etc.), enzyme preparation (amylase, saccharifying enzyme, etc.) and other fermentation industries.
3. Corn Steep Liquor Powder is widely used as organic nitrogen to replace peptone and yeast protein,and it is much cheaper.
4. The Corn Steep Liquor powder has great influence on mycelium, glucose metabolism, fermentation cycle and fermentation efficiency.It has been widely used in India/Russian-speaking areas/ Europe/Southeast Asia/North and South America.



Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder uesd as feed materials:
1. It contains corn based protein 43%(mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids) , lactic acid 21%, trace elements and biotin.
2. Drying Corn Steep Liquor is widely used as feed materials of aquatic feed/ poultry feed/ livestock Feed, which is excellent alternative for soybean meal and fish meal.
3. Plant derived soluble protein(mainly in the form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids) can be directly absorbed through intestinal mucosa, improve the utilization rate of feed protein.
4. Experiments show that Corn Steep Liquor powder can improve enzyme activity, feed digestibility and growth performance,increase the fertility of water in the pond.
5. Much cheaper cost than other protein based ingredeint.Right now, we have clients in Southeast Asia/Japan and South Korea/South Asia/South America/Russian-speaking areas/North America/Europe.




Production Process of Juci Bio Tech Corn Steep Liquor Powder:
CSL powder is a new alternative to traditional liquid CSL. Different from the traditional processing technology, it’s a low-temperature spray-dried powder solid, therefore,the active ingredients is well preserved.For both buyers and sellers it is easy to transport,store and use,meanwhile,it is not easy to deteriorate under dry conditions,and composition of CSL powder is stable and uniform.


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Corn Steep Liquor Powder
water-soluble organic powder
organic fertilizer material
feed material
fermentation material
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As the leading company in the development of Organic Corn steep liquor powder (JUCI-CSP),  JUCI GROUP never stop trials to improve quality and performance of it.  We are always confident to supply the world best CSL powder.   And Beyond that, JUCI GROUP devotes itself to developing more nature based materials into the Organic Agricultural,  such as Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor,Amino Acid Powder etc. If you are looking for new organic materials,  Please come to us! 

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    In 2015,established factory”JuCi Corn Biotech”

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    Corn steep liquor powder 60,000mts annually

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    Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor 20,000mts annually




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