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Corn Steep Liquor Powder Feed materials

Corn Steep Liquor Powder Corn Steep Liquor Powder(CSL Powder) is one pure corn extract which is excellent alternative for soybean meal and fish meal. CSL Powder Extract is one functional strong digestive small molecular protein 43% mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids,lactic acid 22.8%,trace elements and biotin.Drying Corn Steep Liquor is widely used as aquatic feed ingredient for fish feed,shrimp feed, crap feed or lobster feed. Most importantly,spray-dried Corn Steep Liquor Powder is much more cost effective than other protein nutrients.
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Product Features:
1. 43% corn based protein,mainly in form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids
2. Its protein can be directly absorbed through intestinal mucosa,save energy and greatly improve the utilization rate of feed protein
3. The content of lactic acid is 25%. Natural acidifier can replace some antibiotics and enhance immunity
4. The final effect to increase weight for aquatic animal is excellent
5. Much cheaper cost than other protein based ingredeint,for example,soybean meal




product efficacy:
1. Advanced production technology allows protein to be well preserved, which is conducive to improving feed digestibility.
When proteins are exposed to high temperatures, their amino acid structure changes. In practice, it will reduce the digestibility of feed. Different from the traditional processing technology, CSL-powder is a low-temperature spray-dried powder solid, therefore,the finished product has no coking phenomenon, and the active ingredients is well preserved.This is the key point to maintain high digestibility of feed.
And 43% plant derived soluble protein, mainly in the form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids. It can be directly absorbed through intestinal mucosa, save energy and greatly improve the utilization rate of feed protein.

2. Drying Corn Steep Liquor contains very few anti-nutritional compounds and does not prevent aquatic organisms from absorbing plant proteins.
A plant-based protein source exploitation as an alternative ingredient of feed frequently obstructed by the antinutritional compound. An excessive level of the antinutritional compound will directly affect nutrient intake and digestibility,In contrast, Corn Steep Liquor Powder has greater advantages over other plant protein sources such as soybean meal.

3. Corn Steep Liquor Dry Powder contains a lower level of acid detergent fiber (ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), and crude fiber compared to the Soybean meal.
Crude fiber is still needed, although it is hardly digested. The low level of crude fiber increased peristaltic movement, thus the digestion process and chemical degradation rate of the diet increased as well.

4. lactic acid content can improve enzyme activity.
The effect of adding CSL-powder to feed on pH of feed, stomach and intestinal tract was related to the presence of lactic acid in CSL-powder.Lactic acid improves the acidic environment in the stomach, and pepsin activity increases.The enzyme activity in the digestive tract is an indicator of digestibility and the ability to utilize the nutrient in the feed, therefore, lactic acid in CSL-powder, ultimately improve the utilization rate of feed. And lactic acid can replace antibiotics to reduce disease and enhance immunity

5.Increase the fertility of water in the pond
Increase the content of organic matter in water, promote the reproduction of algae and beneficial microorganisms, enhance the vitality of aquatic animals, improve Auqacfeed utilization and accelerate growth.

6.Contains a variety of minerals
Mineral elements are important substances that constitute the bones, tissues and organs of poultry and livestock, and play an important regulatory role in the metabolism of poultry and livestock, and affect the growth and production of poultry and livestock. In particular, phosphorus and calcium are the main components of bone.CSL-powder contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and other mineral elements,it meets the needs of poultry and livestock breeding.


1. Maize Steep Liquor Powder is widely used to replace soybean meal or fish meal in aquaculture feed production.Compared with soybean meal and fish meal,CSL powder has better effect and more competitive price.
2. Corn Steep Dry Liquor Powder is used as one ingredient 5%-20% in diet of fish,shrimp,crab or lobster feed.
3. Non-GMO Corn Extract Powderr is widely used as feed ingredient in Feed for poultry and livestock,such as cattle feed,pig feed,chicken feed,sheep feed and chicken feed. And it can improve the enzyme activity, feed digestibility and growth performance of poultry and livestock.



Production Process:
Corn Steep Liquor Dry Powder is a new alternative to traditional liquid CSL. Different from the traditional processing technology, it’s a low-temperature spray-dried powder solid, therefore,the finished product has no coking phenomenon, and the active ingredients is well preserved.For both buyers and sellers it is easy to transport,store and use,meanwhile,it is not easy to deteriorate under dry conditions,and composition of CSL powder is stable and uniform.



Market distribution:
Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, South Asia, South America, Russian-speaking areas, North America, Europe


More information:
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As the leading company in the development of Organic Corn steep liquor powder (JUCI-CSP),  JUCI GROUP never stop trials to improve quality and performance of it.  We are always confident to supply the world best CSL powder.   And Beyond that, JUCI GROUP devotes itself to developing more nature based materials into the Organic Agricultural,  such as Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor,Amino Acid Powder etc. If you are looking for new organic materials,  Please come to us! 

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