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Corn Gluten Meal: A Fertilizer And Natural Herbicide

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Corn Gluten Meal: A Fertilizer And Natural Herbicide

(Summary description)

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Corn gluten meal has gotten a weird reputation. Some people swear by it as a natural herbicide. Others claim it has no effect on weeds whatsoever. But it is a potent natural fertilizer, either way!


We all think of corn as a delicious food. Its also now a reputable fuel supply, as it can be processed into ethanol. But in recent years, studies have shown that a principal protein in corn can be used as a fertilizer.

Lets explore this fantastic option and determine if its right for your garden space!


What Is Corn Gluten Meal?

Like other fertilizers such as cottonseed meal, corn gluten meal is a byproduct. In this case, its a byproduct of manufacturing corn starch.

Corn gluten is a good nitrogen source.


Natural Weed Control?

Not only is corn gluten meal a good fertilizer, but it acts as a pre-emergent weed control option. An Ohio State University professor released a study on the gluten meal. A naturally-forming component of the meal stifles root development. This only works if its in place prior to germination.

Theres a lot of debate about its efficacy as a pre-emergent weed control agent. While its used to good effect in lawn care, it can take quite a bit to have the desired effect. The 60% protein variant is more efficient than the lower protein choices.

Because its pre-emergent only, it may need to be applied at many times of year. Fall and spring are best, to try to control both winter and spring weeds.


Benefits of Corn Gluten Meal

As a natural fertilizer, corn gluten meal is a fantastic source of nitrogen.  Its slow-releasing, taking up to 2 months to break down in the soil.

For weed control, its an effective pre-emergent option if spread heavily on the soil. Lawns in particular are popular choices for this use. It retards the growth of many broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Its also quite effective against crabgrass.

Corn gluten meal does not have a significant effect on soil pH levels. This makes it a good fertilizer choice if youre trying to maintain neutral soil.

And of course, as its a safe product, corn gluten meal is perfectly pet and small-child safe, too.



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