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CSL Powder-NPK Fertilizer

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(Summary description)

CSL Powder-NPK Fertilizer

(Summary description)

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CSL powder is derived from Corn Steep Liquor

Main nutrients : Organic matter 60%, NPK 7-6-6, total amino acid 37%, free amino acid 10%,humic acid 12%.


CSL is an organic and eco-friendly fertiliser and biostimulant.


Amino acids carry out not only a nutritional action on the plants, but also a biostimulating activity on the micro-organisms that live near the roots. They interact with the root system, increasing the root proliferation. Plants are therefore able to better assimilate the nutritional elements, made available by the micro-organisms in the soil thanks to the amino acids.


The way CSL is 100% water soluble it is easy to apply directly on the plants and/or mix with other liquid fertilisers, used in foliar application or irrigation.


Helps promote the natural growth of plants with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, it also contains micronutrients such as iron, sulfur and manganese, as well as amino acids and trace elements, which are completely non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free.



- easy application

- increasing soil fertility

- promote root growth

- better assimilation of nutritional elements

- increased Yield

- better quality and higher sugar content of the final crop



- dissolve 10g (1 normal tablespoon) in 3L water for watering your house plants. Repeat in every 3 weeks depending on the size of your plants.


- watering bigger house plants, fields, gardens, vegetable or fruit allotments, use 100g/m2 as a guideline. Repeat treatment in every 3-4 weeks.









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