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Three elements should be in fish feed formulation

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(Summary description)fish feed formulation Corn Steep Liquor Powder

Three elements should be in fish feed formulation

(Summary description)fish feed formulation
Corn Steep Liquor Powder

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In the design of freshwater fish feed formulation, the main considerations are protein,vitamins and minerals.They play a very important role in the growth of fish.



Protein is generally the first consideration in the formulation of nutritional element, fish needs twice or three times amount of protein than livestock,because of the poor ability of using carbohydrate, fish needs to consume part of the protein as a source of energy.Feed price is mainly determined by the level of protein so the design of feed formula often firstly consider the level of crude protein, but attentions need to pay is considering the balance of digestible protein(DP) and amino acids more important in addition to considering the level of crude protein.


Fish has short intestinal,the type and quantity of bacteria is rare, so the synthesis ability of some vitamins is poor ,a lot of vitamin need provided by the feed. Such as vitamin C don't need to be added in livestock and poultry feed material, but in fish feed do need ,it can improve free immunity and anti stress ability of the fish.



Fish absorb most of the mineral elements from the water through qills and skin, especially calcium.Fish will not appear calcium deficiency. even if the feed does not suppy calcium.Fish has different absorption rate for various minerals, when adding minerals in the feed we should choose the inorganic salt. organic salt or chelate salt,which with high absorption

rate. lt is necessary to add right amount of trace elements in the fish feed, because Fe deficiency can lead to anemia, Zn, Mn, Co will cause short trunk.

In practical application,more aquatic feed manufacturers choose Corn Steep Liquor Powder due to its composition.Corn Steep Liquor Powder is a pure non-GMO corn extract ,and it is a qualified plant-based feed ingredient with protein 43%, lactic acid 24%, trace elements and biotin. It contains very few anti-nutritional compounds, such as aflatoxin, phytate acid, and trypsin inhibitor.

When proteins are exposed to high temperatures, their amino acid structure changes. In practice, it will reduce the digestibility of feed. Different from the traditional processing technology, Corn Steep Liquor Powder is a low-temperature spray-dried powder solid, therefore,the finished product has no coking phenomenon, and the active ingredients is well preserved.This is the key point to maintain high digestibility of aquatic feed. And 43% plant derived soluble protein, mainly in the form of bioactive small peptides and free amino acids. It can be directly absorbed through intestinal mucosa, save energy and greatly improve the utilization rate of feed protein.And Corn Steep Liquor Powder is rich in minerals, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and so on.These minerals are exactly what fish need.

It is worth mentioning that CSL-powder is much cheaper than other sources of protein such as Fish meal and soybean meal,so it is an excellent substitute for soybean meal and fish meal.If you are interested in our products, welcome to send a message to us.

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