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China Corn Steep Liquor Powder For Liquid Organic Fertilizer

China Corn Steep Liquor Powder For Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Comprehensive nutritional content
Fast absorption and high utilization rate
Replace topdressing and save investment
The effect of increasing production is obvious
Enhance crop stress resistance
Non-toxic, harmless, no pollution to the environment, no soiling
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 Product Feature:

1.   Evident fertilizer efficiency

It is 100% water soluble, plant can absorb and use it entirely. As Boron enters into the plant, it forms sugar boron complexes with sugar which is produced by photosynthesis, the complexes can promote fruit developing, reduce fruit dropping, prevent physiological diseases caused by boron element deficiency.

2.  Significantly improve fertilizer efficiency

Promote cellulose synthesis together with calcium element, stabilize cell wall structure, so that increase yield and improve quality.


● Specification:

1.Physical characteristics:

 Free flowing product(no stick);no clumps;fine yellow color.

2.Chemical indexes:

Lactic acid%≥14.8
Total amino%≥35.0


1. Comprehensive nutritional content.

It is rich in essential elements, trace elements and other organic nutrients needed for plant growth. In addition to the bottom fertilizer, crops do not need to be applied with other fertilizers, micro-fertilizers, and plant growth regulators.

2. Fast absorption and high utilization rate.

All kinds of nutrients exist in the form that plants can directly absorb and use, without conversion. It can absorb more than 95% within 24 hours after spraying.

3. Replace topdressing and save investment.

Organic and inorganic nutrients interact after spraying liquid fertilizer, and they are in a hurry. Improve bioavailability and make fertilizers stable and lasting. Although the amount of fertilizer applied is small, the crop utilization rate is high. It ensures high yield and stable yield of crops. Ordinary root fertilization and common foliar liquid fertilizer have a single nutrient and low utilization rate. The experiment proves that the liquid fertilizer can completely replace the root topdressing and save 30-50% of investment.


4. The effect of increasing production is obvious.

It can promote root growth, increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis efficiency, extend leaf functional period, and increase dry matter accumulation. According to the experiment of “Improving the effect of spraying liquid fertilizer on spraying” by the Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute of Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture, this liquid fertilizer can increase crop yield by 10-60%.

5. Enhance crop stress resistance.

Spraying liquid chemical fertilizer can increase the intensity of photosynthesis and respiration, promote the activity of enzymes, and directly affect a series of physiological processes in crops. In particular, the stomata adjustment ability is enhanced to automatically regulate water evaporation. In the dry period, it inhibits the evaporation of water, and accelerates the evaporation of water when it is dry. The crops sprayed and not sprayed with the liquid fertilizer were simultaneously pulled out, and after exposure for half an hour in the sun, it was found that the former was not different from before being pulled out, and the latter was obviously changed. It can resist the harsh frost in winter. Heavy frost seedlings do not linger, bursting leaves are not smashing. The liquid fertilizer can promote the conversion of low molecular compounds into polymer compounds in the crop, thereby reducing the supply of soluble nutrients to the pathogens and inhibiting the growth of the bacteria. In addition, the liquid fertilizer can enhance the cell epidermal thickness, promote cell lignification, make the stem of the crop dense and strong, and the lodging resistance is enhanced, and the pathogen is not easy to invade, and the ability to resist pests and diseases is improved.

6. Non-toxic, harmless, no pollution to the environment, no soiling.

It is an ideal fertilizer for developing green food and soilless cultivation. The liquid fertilizer can also be mixed with pesticides, herbicides, etc., saving labor and time.

It is widely used in the whole growth period of rice, cotton, melons, vegetables, tea, tobacco, medicinal materials, flowers, forests and other economic crops, irrigation, drip irrigation and foliar spray.


 Main features:

1. Do not add any hormones, pure green liquid fertilizer, will not cause damage due to the use of hormones, such as cracked fruit, stiff fruit, odd-shaped spikelets, empty shells, mites, premature aging;

2. No smell of nose and smell, uniform color of water, low temperature crystallized into old loofah;

3. Dilute for more than 3 days, the solution does not fade, does not stratify, does not flocculate, does not precipitate;

4. Applying at 2-10 °C in winter, it will be effective overnight, and it will be effective for a long time.

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