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Application of cyclodextrin

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(Summary description)

Application of cyclodextrin

(Summary description)

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Medical and pharmaceutical industry


Cyclodextrin can effectively increase the solubility and dissolution rate of some poorly water-soluble drugs in water. For example, prostaglandin CD inclusion complex can increase the solubility of main drugs and make injections. It can also improve the stability and bioavailability of drugs (such as the volatile oil of Changkang granules); Reduce the bad smell or bitterness of drugs (such as Andrographis paniculata); Reduce the stimulation and toxic and side effects of drugs (such as diclofenac sodium); And make the drug (such as berberine hydrochloride) slow-release and improve the dosage form.


Because it is composed of glucose, it is non-toxic, harmless, no side effects, and can be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, it is highly valued in the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used as filler and binder of drugs and has the general properties of starch. The truncated cone cylindrical cavity can envelop various guest molecules. It is being used as a sustained-release agent of drugs to envelop the effective components of drugs in the cavity, so as to slowly release the drugs and improve the efficacy. This envelope effect can also stabilize some drugs and prolong the validity of drugs. The coating agent is easy to be powdered, can be made into powder and tablet, and is also easy to store, forming a better dosage form. It has a broad and attractive prospect in the pharmaceutical industry.


Food industry


Due to its unique molecular capsule structure, it has also been widely developed and applied in the field of food in recent years. It is used in the food that transforms the liquid form into the solid state. For example, some instant tea is to absorb the concentrated tea juice into the molecular capsule to make instant tea in the state of solid particles. Some people also make use of the wrapping property of onion juice to make a powder for wrapping onion juice, which is used in convenient and convenient foods, rosin soup, salad, gravy and so on. In maintaining and controlling the volatilization and release rate of spices and flavors in food. Microcapsule technology is used to encapsulate various spices and flavor substances, so as to greatly improve their aroma retention performance. Flavor food is made and put into the mouth, and these composite components wrapped in molecular capsules can be released one by one. In China, people use microcapsule technology to develop beer, ham and so on. It can maintain and slow release flavor, prolong the preservation period of food flavor, save the use of flavor, and reduce the production cost. In addition to preserving fragrance, it can also prevent chemical reactions between spices and food, and between spices and spices. For example, the fragrance in chewing gum reacts with the gum base, the liquid fragrance enters the gum base, and the fragrance cannot be released during chewing. This problem can be solved by using the microcapsule technology. It can also be used to cover up bad taste. For example, foreign companies use technology to cover up and stabilize some difficult and unpleasant tastes, such as mustard oil. Some also use it to protect the flavor loss caused by food processing processes, such as extraction and pasteurization. The enrichment effect can be improved during extraction. If the flavor products are extracted by traditional methods, only 2-5% of their flavor can be retained, while the flavor can be retained by 30%. In food and beverage, it can also play the role of emulsifier, so that the perfume oil can form an inclusion complex, which can be directly introduced into the aqueous solution for use, so as to evenly mix the incompatible components in the food, protect the color agent from the color effects such as sunlight, ultraviolet light, gas, oxidation and thermal shock, and greatly prolong the fading time. In addition, it has significant effects on improving the processing technology in the food system, the transmission performance of composite components, changing the texture and density of solid food and improving the taste of food.


analytical chemistry


Cyclodextrin is a chiral compound. It has the ability to recognize and select organic molecules. It has been successfully used in various chromatography and electrophoresis methods to separate various isomers and enantiomers. Cyclodextrin can improve the selectivity of the system in electrochemical analysis.


The hollow molecular capsule structure has also been widely used in analytical chemistry. For example, in the determination of trace elements, for the suspension and clear solution of monoethane and dioxane, it is required to phosphorescence or fluorescence at room temperature. For another example, it is used for the inclusion of morin and ginger fluorescein, and the determination of trace quilt by fluorescence spectrophotometry. Using the emulsification and envelope properties of, it plays a sensitizing role in the colorimetric analysis of fluorescence color development. Because of the existence of, the selectivity and sensitivity of the method are greatly improved. In the envelope spectrum, due to the cavity structure, compounds can be selectively identified by various effects such as oxygen bond, van der Waals force, dipole dipole interaction, charge transfer and so on. Therefore, it and its derivatives are used as chiral stationary phases in gas and liquid chromatographic columns for the separation and resolution of various types of chiral and achiral compounds. For example, various compounds such as olefins, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, esters, amines and halogenated hydrocarbons can be separated with their derivative stationary phases. Especially in the separation of diastereomers and racemic enantiomers, it has developed very rapidly. China's work in this field has just started, and there is more research on liquid chromatography and less research on gas chromatography. The separation of racemic enantiomeric tree mucus by chromatography has many advantages that general chemical, physical and biological separation methods do not have. If chemical separation requires high-purity chiral pool compound phase, physical separation requires pure crystal seed of corresponding enantiomer, and biological separation requires corresponding biological enzyme. And its derivatives have chirality, and its application range is also very wide. It can be seen that the application of containing in analytical chemistry has the potential of unsalable quantity.


Daily chemical industry


Cyclodextrin and surfactant are used in shampoo and kitchen cleaner to reduce the skin irritation caused by surfactant; The use of cyclodextrin can also remove oil stains on the fabric; In the dyeing process, the use of cyclodextrin can significantly reduce the initial dye uptake rate of the dye, improve the levelness and the coloring amount of the fiber.


environment protection


The application of cyclodextrin in environmental protection is based on its ability to form a stable envelope with pollutants, so as to reduce environmental pollution. Its unique molecular structure can be used for biological treatment of industrial wastewater. In addition, air fresheners can slowly release gas molecules and prolong the duration of fragrance by adding cyclodextrin.




Pyrethroids are a kind of very important insecticides. The use of cyclodextrin can solve the problem that pyrethroids are insoluble in water and consume a lot of organic solvents. It is an effective way to solve the environmental pollution caused by pyrethroids. Fish feed containing unsaturated fatty acids can be prevented from diffusing into water by wrapping fatty acids with cyclodextrin.


In addition to the wide application in the above fields, it is also widely used in cosmetics. In addition, it is expected to have profound enlightenment for the research of molecular engineering and material science. In a word, because of its unique structure and magical function, it has a gratifying and broad application prospect in many scientific fields.



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